The Many Benefits of Guest Blogging to Internet Marketers

In a little more than a decade, blogging has gone from being something only a few academics did to communicate with their peers about their latest research to one of the most popular forms of communication online.

There are now blogs on every imaginable topic and people all over the world are continually adding new blogs every day. It is estimated there currently are more than 42 million bloggers creating about half a million new posts per day. About 329 million people read blogs regularly, with about 25 billion pages read monthly.

Get Paid to Have Fun

Most bloggers write for fun, sharing their thoughts about their favorite topics with mostly family, friends and people who share their passion for their blog’s topic. But a growing number of bloggers are beginning to understand the moneymaking potential in blogging. And with a market of prospective customers that large, it’s not surprising.

If you already have a blog or have written a blog in the past, you know how much work it can be to come up with a regular supply of original content.

When A Hobby Turns into a Job

It can sometimes be challenging coming up with original ideas, monitoring what competing bloggers are writing about, and even finding the time to sit down and write your blog. If you have another job or family responsibilities, producing your own blog that is published every week – or worse yet, every day – can quickly become more than a time commitment than you intended.

If you want your readers to keep coming back, leave comments, interact with your blog content, and hopefully buy some of the products you are promoting, it’s essential that you continually provide them with rich, entertaining blog content. Even if you are a few times per week, that can cost a substantial time commitment.

No wonder about 65% of bloggers stop writing their blog on a regular schedule after less than a year.

Guest Blogging: A Better Option

Now there’s an easier way to use blogging to promote your products, make money and still entertain readers. It’s called guest blogging and it’s your key to a lucrative financial future in blogging without the huge investment of your time and creative energy that producing your own regular blog requires.

Guest blogging is when you periodically contribute original material to established blogs within your niche that are influential and have a lot of devoted followers. Guest blogging allows you to connect with a substantial readership but you doesn’t require you to do any of the time-consuming content creation or maintenance tasks that come with publishing your own blog.

When you write guest blogs on other people’s blog pages, you also enjoy the benefit of communicating with a devoted, loyal group of regular readers, but you don’t have to go through the steps of developing them on your own.

All the Benefits, Fewer Hassles

With guest blogging, you can enjoy the benefits of blogging but without the downsides like constantly looking for new and interesting content, nurturing relationships with regular readers and working to build your subscribers list.

Plus, every time your guest blog invitation is accepted by another influential blogger, you have the opportunity to interact with a new and unique group of highly-targeted prospective customers. This means you can quickly expand the size and scope of your Internet marketing campaigns and build your online reputation.

Guest blogging is fast, easy and profitable. You can write guest blogs to make yourself wealthy and enjoy the benefits of blogging while reducing the effort.