Consequences of Facebook’s Big Data Harvesting- Part II

Software that has longevity is more desirable than software that is at the top of the Amazon charts today and gone tomorrow.

That’s because market forces always prevail in the long run. And software that has applications that are actually useful and help improve businesses organize their operations will always have a long life.

Some of the most popular software programs are those that help you focus on these aspects of your online marketing business:

  • Improve inbound marketing
  • Facilitate social media integration
  • Improve SEO for site content
  • Expand your business’s profile on Twitter
  • Generates new leads
  • Improves public relations
  • Provides web analytics
  • Optimizes web design

Most of the software programs you find will fall into one of these categories.

Growing Your Business

Building your business is a long, slow task. If you are looking to create a long-term online marketing operation that will provide a steady income year after year, you need to put the time in to create it slowly and correctly.

Get rich quick schemes, quick fixes, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes and other low-rent, shady operations will only lead to heartache and financial loss.

Take the time to find the best software solutions for your business. Don’t buy anything until you are sure it’s the right fit for you. Ask a lot of questions.

Make sure you take the time to network with other professionals in your field. Use free trials and avoid companies that won’t provide them.

When you set up your business, you want to make sure that it is built on the most solid foundation you can create.

The software tools you purchase are going to be among your first and most important investments. Take the time to get it right.

The Software and Marketing Connection

Generally, web-based marketing software falls into three categories:

  • Promotion – This is software that heightens your online profile so customers can find you; software designed to drive your site to the top of search engine lists in your niche; and software that puts you in touch with potential customers, such as e-mail list building software and squeeze page creators.
  • Conversion – This is software that nurtures your leads and drives conversions; software that optimizes your content so that it is best able to convert prospects into customers; and software that helps distinguish your business as being of a higher quality than your competitors.
  • Analyze – This type of software measures the performance of your business; software that compares your performance to a key competitive set; and software that provides the data you need to make sound go-forward business decisions.

Within these broad categories, there are a number of specific software types that you can use to improve your business’s productivity. One of the most important is SEO software.

SEO and Software

Search Engine Optimization is a phrase that means doing everything you can to make your web pages, blogs, sales letters and other sites the most appealing they can be to the giant search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If the search engines like your site the best, they will propel them to the top of the search lists for your product niches, making them the most visible to potential customers.

SEO includes identifying the best keywords for you product niche, saturating your pages with the optimal number of keywords that the search engines are looking for, and placing your keywords in the places they like the best.

SEO software typically will provide keyword analysis designed to find and track your most effective keywords. It also usually will track inbound links and the leads they are generating.

Finally, SEO software will analyze page-level SEO and diagnose and even fix poorly ranking sites.