Leverage Your List by Becoming a Solo Ad Provider

leverage-your-moneyBecoming a solo ad provider is by far the easiest way to make money on both ends of your marketing program. You can sell to high target customers who make up your huge list and sell your huge list of high target customers to other marketers.

There are lots of affiliate marketers out there that want to get into the lucrative field of online marketing but they didn’t know how to get started. Or they understand the benefits of promoting affiliate products, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t make the effort to build their list.

But if you’ve created a large list of loyal customers, you can make even more money by offering it to other online marketers for cash.

The Value of Your List

valueOne option is to negotiate with another solo ad provider to fit whatever budget you have. The first question most people ask is how much is my list worth. The answer is that it is worth whatever you can sell it for.

Generally, solo ad lists sell for anywhere from $50 to $100, but you can go higher or lower depending on the size and quality of your list. For example, if the people on your list are consistently buying most of the products you promote, you can charge more.

Negotiate the Best Deal

negotiateAs a solo ad provider, you also should be open to the negotiated agreement. For example, if you are offering your list of 1,000 niche-centric contacts for $100, but a buyer doesn’t have $100 to spend, you can offer to sell them 250 contacts for $25. After all, some money is better than no money.

Or if the marketer has no budget at all for paid traffic, you can propose an ad swap.

Benefits of Ad Swaps

ad swapAd swaps are a great way to trade solo ads with people who don’t have a big marketing budget, or have no marketing budget. You should continue to consider them even after you start to earn profits and have money to spend on advertising.

That’s because they allow you to build a community of peers who you can rely on not only for ad swaps but for information, product tips, to learn from their experience, support and even just to gossip or chat.

Successful Internet marketing is not really as much about the competition as it is about making contacts with other people and building a support system so you can help each other achieve your goals.

Some of the best conversions come from solo ads placed as part of ad swaps, but ad swap deals also are a great way to network and develop relationships with trusted friends in the industry.

You can do some horse trading in order to accommodate whatever low or no budget you have. In most cases, you can make money from solo ads even if buyers aren’t going to buy exactly the amount you originally offered. But the more you make deals with people, the easier it becomes.

Where to Find Solo Ad Deals

So how do you find the best places to offer your solo ads? There’s a number of different ways to do this.

small worldFirst, once you get into solo ads and start making contacts with solo ad buyers and seller, you will come to realize that in solo ad marketing, it really is a small world after all. Because so few Internet marketers have discovered this low-cost, high-profit marketing system, there aren’t that many big players in the market.

There are more medium to small solo ad providers, most of whom have lists that are dedicated to specific niches. While interacting with other solo ad providers, you can ask them to recommend other solo ad buyers in their niche and in most cases they will be happy to recommend their friends and associates because they are not competing directly with them.

Monitoring the Internet marketing landscape is vital to your success.